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AFP Services is an Accountancy business run by a group of finance professionals based in Northamptonshire, an hour north of London.

But we do a lot more than accountancy. We have been offering financial management, supply chain administration, and bookkeeping to all types of businesses, from Southampton to the Scottish Highlands, since 2002.

We believe that all growing companies should have access to experienced* financial professionals and that outsourcing the function of your finance team is the very best way to grow your business. This helps keep your overheads down and allows you to focus on your own area of expertise: be it improving diets with yolk-free eggs, managing property or creating new client stories.

How do we do this? We act as your finance department, integrating ourselves seamlessly with your company, acting in partnership and building upon the everyday requirements of bookkeeping and accounting. Yes, we do your VAT returns and Year End Accounts, but what makes us unique is that we also offer cash flow forecasting; budgeting; bank liaison; training; performance analysis; funding proposals; growth management; treasury management; purchase advice! And guess what? We can do your Supply Chain too! Check out our interview with our Head of Supply Chain Management here.

Phew, are you keeping up? Think about it this way, we don’t want to halve your tax bill, we want to double it- by quadrupling your income.


*we’ve got the qualifications too, don’t worry!

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