What we do

We offer three main services:



What we like to call Accountancy+ is a significant step up from basic accountancy, which does form part of what we do, but it's just not our bread and butter. What we really specialise in, is the financial administration of your business, including bookkeeping, reporting, analysis, advice and most importantly handling the operational side of your financial requirements. So not only do we thoroughly organise your accounts, untangling any challenges, but we can then undertake day to day tasks that you would expect a finance department to handle, freeing up your time to do what you do best. 


We take the financial accounts and analyse them to provide you with a set of accounts that are consistent, understandable and of practical use. Essentially we make the accounts relevant to you and how you run your business, and we can include reports on the performance against budgets, profit forecasts and cash flow projections.

This is a further step up the insight ladder as we begin to combine financial information with other metrics. This information might include sales per person, the profitability of different cost centres, the cost of acquiring new customers etc. Broadly this is information that empowers you as the managers and/or owners of the business to help them to develop their business according to their plans. Our extensive experience working with a wide range of SME businesses means that we know what information will help you the most.

We can review all the operational processes in your business, analysing elements including Information Technology, Project Management and Customer Profitability. We will interrogate all of your business systems and work with you to develop the most efficient and effective processes.

Completion of VAT returns and processing of VAT payments when due.

We will not just undertake your financial processing but will actively work towards finding the most cost effective, time efficient system for you, as you would expect from an in-house finance department. From negotiating better supplier terms, to cheaper utility costs to software development.

Reconciliation of recorded cash movements within your bank account, monitoring cash balances and ensuring there are no unplanned

We process your income and expenses, categorising them appropriately in a financial software package from which we can generate invoices, statements, reports and financial accounts. This process also includes reviewing your supplier, customer, credit card, bank and other data making sure that everything is properly recorded.

Co-ordination of your creditor payments, ensuring continuity and efficiency in all your supplier relationships whilst also recognising cash flow implications.

Monitoring and managing all the people that owe you money, your trade debtors, and help to chase late payments if necessary, using our dedicated and experienced credit control staff.

Compilation and sending out of all customer invoices.

This is the process of converting the data that is recorded as part of the bookkeeping process and turning it into a set of accounts that includes a Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account. In purely financial terms these show the balance of Assets and Liabilities at any one point in time and the performance of your business over a period of time. 



In addition to our Accountancy services, we also offer a fully managed supply chain function. Our process is simple, we make reports and recommendations to you, who in turn make decisions for us to enact; we issue orders and then receive invoices from your suppliers; we receive orders and then issue invoices to your customers; reporting back to you with our recommendations, ensuring the correct set up of new lines and promotions.

This takes all the stress of the administration out of your hands, and enables you to focus on managing and monitoring your suppliers, as well as managing your sales strategy with your customers.

The AFP Supply Chain Process

Management of your customers orders
Leading to Outbound Deliveries
Leading to Inventory Management
Leading to Demand and Production Planning
Working with your Outsourced Finance Department
Also managing ongoing relationships with retailers

Read our interview with our Head of Supply Chain here.




Our payroll services can assist you in ensuring you comply with all statutory requirements placed upon businesses by HMRC whilst ensuring this does not disrupt the running of your business.
We will inform you of the amounts due to be paid to your employees, the PAYE amounts which will arise from this and the deadlines involved in making the necessary payments to HMRC. We will even pay them through your bank account if you want!
Within the package we will also perform the Payroll Year End requirements i.e. P35, and provide the employees with P60s. We will also complete P11D forms and review your Dispensation position.


We have extensive knowledge of Company Secretarial issues and pitfalls that can easily arise when you try to comply with all of the forever changing legislation (Companies Acts). 
From company formations to annual returns and Companies House filing, we also have the ability to act as Company Secretary in your stead, allowing you to focus on your business as we ensure all compliance issues are met.
We also offer the choice of acting as your Registered Office. This allows you to ensure all your compliance related items are received and recorded allowing you to concentrate on the most important thing – your business.



As AFP is an integrated financial solution, we can easily create full financial statements from your accounting data. We will be able to deal with most issues and queries in-house so you will not be pestered with obscure accounting questions!
We take all of the stress and strain out of meeting your statutory requirements, as we can apply our specialist knowledge to ensure that your accounts will be fully compliant with all company law and financial reporting standards.


Many company officers do not understand the intricacies of corporate tax law. AFP can manage your company’s tax returns from end-to-end, by utilising our corporate tax specialists. We can draw on many years of experience to ensure that your tax affairs are managed as efficiently as possible.
We will take steps to proactively plan your tax affairs and to advise you regularly of your tax liabilities to enable you to plan your payments ahead negotiating payment plans with HMRC if necessary.  All HMRC forms and returns will be completed efficiently, correctly and on time. You will not need to worry about any missed deadlines!

By using AFP's services we assume you have read our terms & conditions, which are available on request.



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