Little Dish - Case Study

"The team at Little Dish make delicious, nutritionally balanced food for toddlers. Every recipe is tasted by 100 Tiny Tasters and approved by the Little Dish nutritionist before leaving the kitchen."


“Since moving our finance function to the team at AFP we have been able to focus on what we do best, healthy food for kids, rather than having to deal with finance and accounting issues, which need the specialist skills that AFP has in house. We love the way the team really cares about our business and are determined to do the best job possible for us. The aspect that I like the most is the fact that our business has more than doubled in size since AFP started working with us, but, from an administration and finance point of view, we have not suffered any growing pains as a result of our growth. A great partner to grow with!”

Little Dish Products


What we’ve actioned:

  1. Robust financial accounts processes implemented including sales invoice management, through EDI software, with credit control and invoice discounting management.

  2. Complex weekly and four weekly management accounts with margin and variance analysis by product and customer.

  3. Regular reporting for the shareholders and the bank.

  4. Detailed management of a rolling forecast with detailed cash flow management.

  5. Management of a move from factoring to invoice discounting and a subsequent move from ‘small’ ID client to a ‘corporate’ ID client.


For further info on Little Dish, check out their social accounts: InstagramFacebook and Twitter