How we do it

Here is how we take your financial data, process it and feed it back to you in a way which allows you to utilise this knowledge to grow your business:

AFP Process Chart

We've put together a process chart to offer a visual demonstration of how we function as your finance department. However here's a break down of what the chart represents:

Firstly we take your data and process it through our Financial Accounts team (and the Supply Chain team too if that applies to your business), who then hand it to Tax & Compliance to do all the statutory stuff that you need in order to operate as a business. In addition (and this is where we differ from standard accountants) we also hand this processed data to our Management Accountants who are able use it to offer feedback to you as the client through your dedicated Relationship Manager. This feedback includes predictions and advice, and will allow you to utilise your financial data to grow your business. The feedback circle is a two way process, allowing you to feedback through your Relationship Manager, to the Financial Accounts team which allows them to improve the process: offering more resources in areas where we expect growth for example.