Internal Promotion - Assistant Financial Accounts Manager

Read our interview with our new Assistant Financial Accounts Manager James

James Simpson

OK so we're a bit behind the times here, it's 2017 already and we didn't have time to squeeze this interview in last year! One of friendliest members of staff received a promotion in the third quarter of 2016 and we've only just managed to catch up with him. 

As our Financial Accounts team grows, taking on more clients and responsibilities, we also need to grow our management structure. After advertising and interviewing internally for the role, James was successful and joins existing Assistant Manager Stephen to help Head of Financial Accounts, Patrick.


1. How long have you been at AFP?

Four and a half years.

2. What did you do beforehand?

Accounts/General Assistant for a small building company that specialised in office refurbishments. The role covered all areas of the company from the accounts to being a delivery driver.

3. What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Tricky one. In the office, becoming a full Member of The Association of Accounting Technicians. Out of the office, buying my own house last year. It was a personal goal that I worked on for so long it was great to finally get there.

4. What do you enjoy the most about your role?

The variety of the job.

5. You’re our go-to-guy for fixing things round the office, when will you be able to take a break from client work to put up those shelves?

This year? I was hoping to get it done this week but there seems to be a hundred things to do by the end of January.

6. How do you think AFP can encourage other employees to strive for management roles?

Support and encourage employees continued personal development to give them the opportunity to learn the new skills they will need to take on new roles.

7. Do you think it’s important to promote from within?

Yes I think it is important for a company to promote from within. It nurtures talent and gives those with ambition a reason to stay with the company.  Also your existing employees know how the company works, its clients and its staff and can use their past experience in their new role.