The Apprentice 2016: Let Down by Figures Again!

Another year of Lord Sugar's Apprentice, another business £250k richer... but those Business Plans were let down by their poor figures, again!

Courtney Alana Apprentice

Last night many of us at AFP were in front of our televisions at 9 o'clock to watch the final of The Apprentice 2016. It was Courtney V Alana, novelty gifts V posh cakes. Going in it seemed a given that Alana would win, but the producers kept us on our toes by showing Courtney in a really good light, and highlighting Lord Sugar's attraction to his company.

It's always an entertaining programme for us, and we often talk about it in the office, but what really frustrates us is how poor many of the Business Plans are with regard to figures. Claude Littner puts it into context, saying:


"This is the worst business plan I've ever read, there are no numbers. Where are the numbers? Even a child of 10 would know there should be numbers."

"When I examine the business plans... I go through them thoroughly... This is real money, Alan's money, that's being invested here and it's my job to see if the figures stack up - and often they don't."

Quotes taken from a Telegraph interview, read it in full here.

In the final, it was Alana's numbers which impressed Lord Sugar, and we're looking forward to what they achieve together.

Alana Spencer - The Apprentice 2016